Gualdo, a step in the green of history

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04 Feb Gualdo, a step in the green of history

Gualdo, short visit to a village still intact.

Going to Gualdo you certainly can not pretend to say I passed by here by accident“, must really take to arrive, there is almost no need of the compass to find it, or the satellite. Driving on winding roads in an orgy of green, with messages fragrant mountain that make the court the countryside below. This village, between Lucca and Viareggio, is clear because Lombard origin, pronunciation, Wald became Gvald and then, slowly, slowly Gualdo which means forest even today, in German. Never a name was so appropriate because Gualdo is in the open, in sometimes inaccessible forests, rich in streams, wild boar, a real plunge back into a green history. Its almost total isolation has become no more slowly abandoning a time but luck today, to be alive and intact, that of being able to keep streets and houses, escaping to the restoration hurried and incompetent of which were victims many surrounding countries and more accessible, too. In the village there is the church, perfectly preserved, a front courtyard where the inhabitants who in local parlance are called Gualdicci, gather but also where, on sunny days, with custom Mediterranean, there are the tables set in the restaurant in the country, an inn where it will be impossible not to eat a plate of pappardelle with wild boar.
gualdoThe country is a real gem of narrow streets, facades of stone work where every year the book of Pinocchio is reopened, as if by magic, in evocative visions, dreams, like a Shakespearean Midsummer‘s Dream; glimpses of pine and chestnut stand out everywhere, the sparkle of the sea appears in the distance and can be reached in less than half an hour industries, there is an atmosphere where it seems that everything goes more slowly, more to the right size, almost on tip feet. But perhaps the most shining stone is the austere beauty of the Palace What pike, dating from the late sixteenth century and became home to a Holiday apartments with beautifully decorated with their names that recall the distant antiquity of Gualdo.Il Palace, with an ancient garden flouncy, was, in the restoration and rehabilitation to his hostel, deeply respected in his innermost essence, a true architectural example of love and respect for tradition, this had its owners, these two brothers have given a real value added to the charm of this corner quiet. (This article has not, in any way, for advertising purposes and is by me dedicated to the village of Gualdo and brothers Roberto and Gianluca)

in memory of Mamerto Morescalchi

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